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About Me

Hello, I'm Stasia Mensah, owner of Mrz Stamens LLC. I thought of penning down this as seen on other sites but then knowing me as an artist might fall through the cracks just as the norm. I believe if you are here and actually reading this it’s a blessing and you are appreciated, thus, I intend to give you a short but thorough description of Me as an artist and Mrz Stamens LLC.


I do go by Mrz Stamens, A wife and mother of two amazing kids, and a Makeup Artist in Denver Colorado.

It was all just a passion, a passion for makeup and fashion, and a want to give a helping hand to others, makeup-wise. Fast forward, Mrz Stamens LLC was birthed to bring a new world, a different experience to our amazing and gorgeous clients. This is not just a job, it’s a passion, hence, I guarantee the professional experience you receive will be more than paying for services. On the other hand, is the passion to write which encouraged our blog to go beyond makeup and beauty talk. It's more than Makeup Artist's site, more than a blog, even beyond a site that sells cosmetics and products.  


We are all beautiful in our own way, my goal as an artist is that with passion and professionalism I  will divulge the glowing beauty in every client that comes through our doors. I deem this an experience, an encouragement to self and others to grow in all aspects of life and not just makeup.


                     Mrz Stamens


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