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In my makeup travel bag is a carefully organized collection of my favorite professional & prominent makeup, tools, and skincare products that i have personally used, tried or uses and trusts.  Working with people for real-life situations and not just models, i understand that clients needs differ, hence, i make several varieties of products and tools available  and ready depending on your needs and desired result.  


 Because of the diverse needs of my clientele, i take the time to research and select for skin prep products that are free of harmful chemicals.  stamens is a makeup artist-not an esthetician. The prep work which is mostly intended for Bridal looks is intended  best results from makeup application and not intended to replace or correct your regular daily skincare regimen. 


  One of my favorite things to do is blending  and creating each foundation look from multiple brands depending on my client's skin's needs and desired finish. In addition, I keep a global range of shades in my kit so that I can service anyone at any time.


   Stamens uses a collection of my favorite professional natural bristled and synthetic blends in my brush kit. Each one is cleaned and sanitized between each service I provide.  

   I usually leave lips to the discretion of my client. Either gloss, nude or complete lip look , I keep different options to ensure i create any look or finish you prefer.


  Stamens reaches reaches for prestige and pro artistry brands like  MAC, ProAlteier, Bobbi Brown,  Charlotte Tilbury, and Viseart. The season, mood, and clients' needs encourages the color palettes | products usually available in my Kit.


 An enhanced lash brings much to most beauty looks, hence, I keep a variety of styles  and in length in my kit to customize the lash looks you prefer. lashes and its application is included in each services rate. you do not necessarily need to bring lashes unless you want to.


I describe my beauty esthetic as fresh, natural, and elegant. I love traditional beauty makeup, and I create clean, natural looks that are beautiful, comfortable, timeless for the camera and up close and personal.   


  OUR SAFETY:  I hold the highest professional standard for safety and sanitation in my kit and workspace. Every provided service includes its own clean set of kits and all necessary disposables. 

Stamens is not liable for reactions or anything caused by products she did not personally manufacture. 

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